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Continuing ORDER 266931, 267205 and 267820 Requested Writer ID (W37421) Project guidelines and rubric are attached under additional materials section. PLEASE READ THROUGH THE RUBRIC CAREFULLY TO FULLY UNDERSTAND THE STEPS OF THIS PROJECT. This is a big project that is divided into three milestones to write about these specific critical elements. IN THE PREVIOUS ORDER 266931, WE WROTE ABOUT THESE (MILESTONE ONE) I. Introduction II. Horizontal and Vertical Analysis FOR ORDER 267205, WE WROTE ONLY ABOUT THIS ELEMENT : (MILESTONE TWO) III. Ratio Analysis (Rubric Provided) FOR ORDER 267820, WE WROTE ONLY ABOUT THIS ELEMENT : (MILESTONE THREE) IV. Rules of Financial Reporting FOR THIS ORDER YOU WILL WORK ON THE FINAL ELEMENT V. Conclusion Please message me if you have any questions, Thank you


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