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A virtual private cloud (VPC) enables you to launch resources into a virtual network that you’ve configured and gives you full control over those resources. That provides a level of security over a public cloud when you need to control your resources and sensitive data over a virtual infrastructure. But VPCs also have drawbacks, including increased configuration complexity. You can decide between a VPC and a public cloud depending on the resources you want to host and how you want to control those resources. You may want to read the article “Do I Really Need a VPC?” and review the graphic before answering the questions below. Look ahead to this week’s “Design of a VPC” activity in AWS Academy Module 5: Networking and Content Delivery, where you will design a VPC. Address the following questions in your discussions. Be sure to answer all questions in your initial post and respond to two posts by your classmates. • When would you recommend the use of a VPC, and when would you recommend a public cloud? • What factors did you consider in your recommendation? 1)Viewpoint in 130 words of this post (you agree or no with Bryant Kirk Post) Hello class, I would use segmentation and traits of data to recommend using a VPC or a public cloud. A VPC is a hybrid private and public cloud option. It uses VLAN and other network segmentation to allow private cloud expansion to available infrastructure. This would be primarily used for proprietary information or anything that you want to maintain its confidentiality, availability and integrity. A public cloud is scalable and not confined within an infrastructure. A VPC allows someone to use a VPN to access important information. It serves as a more secure means of data sharing. Public clouds offer the easy access with less security. The main consideration is availability and accessibility of the data, keeping it confidential and keeping the data correct, or with integrity. You can also consider who is your audience: do you want them to alter the data or do you want it to be primarily a read-only environment. 2)Viewpoint in 130 words of this post (you agree or no with Carlos Del Post) Hello Class, I would recommend a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) when there is a need for a private network, network segmentation, scalability, and enhanced data security requiring compliance policies such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), Department of Defense Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (DoD SRG). Using a VPC by service providers like Amazon will also allow you to create, access, and manage your VPC with AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface from your onsite premises or remotely. Although a VPC may operate on a public cloud, using resources on the public cloud may not include the same level of logic segmentation or security because resources are being shared with many tenants. Overall, the most important factor for me is maintaining the integrity of the network and its data, which is why I would recommend a VPC. Having the additional layers of security provided by a VPC is worth the additional cost.


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