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It should be a REPORT Read the ‘assignment 1.0 (1).pdf’ file for the instructions. I have to use HVN.AX Harvey Norman Retailer and SUN.AX Suncorp Group Limited for the individual-specific companies compulsory to run the R studio and also need the R studio script and the data. Must use the data from the file ‘Assignment’ Your report must assess: 1. the suitability of the input data; [15/45 points] 2. the trading algorithm itself; and [10/45 points] 3. the performance evaluation of the trading algorithm when used to manage a portfolio with an initial value of $10,000,000. [10/45 points] The report should also suggest ways in which the algorithm could be improved if it is adopted and reasons for not using it if the recommendation is to not use the trading algorithm. [5/45 points] Conclude your report with a recommendation for your client about how to procebcqed with the trading algorithm. [5/45 points]


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