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Building upon the results you gathered when completing these assessments, conduct a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis of your results. Your SWOR analysis is your opportunity to analyze your results and make the assessments personal to build upon your management skills. For each assessment, plot your results in a four quadrant SWOT. The strengths are what you do well, the weaknesses are what you might struggle with, the opportunities are the items that your team might view as room to improve, and your threats are what your team might view as you need to fix this. The results: 1.) How do I rate as a manager? Scored a 43. Rate high as a manager. 2.) Assessing your Theory X and Theory Y tendencies? 37. Puts me as a Theory X Management style. 3.) Refining your sense of culture? Scored a 28. Now low but not high. 4.) Global Awareness? Scored a 30. High score. Aware 5.) Decision-making styles? Scored a 21. Quick to act. 6.) Finding comfort level? Scorbcqed a 64. Mechanistic structure.


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