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CHAPTER 6 exercise in file to respond to. (I can upload the book if needed) Note: the first major obstacle with learning logic is learning the procedure of how to go about doing these various tasks of analysis. If you’re getting stuck in that way where you don’t even know how to begin, contact me ASAP! Exercise IV The instructions talk about providing multiple contexts since sometimes there are cases of genuine It’s frustrating to not have clear answers, but that’s life! 😉 HW Exercise V By “virtue of their propositional form” the instructions mean that if the argument is valid, it is true just because of the structure of the argument and not because of the content of what the claims are talking about. Remember how we could swap out elements from the “Clue” example we did in class and the argument would stay valid? That is an example of an argument that is valid because of the form (and not the content). Exercise XII You only need to do the even problems officially, but feel free to do more for extra practice! This exercise is like a “training wheels” version of truth-tables. Here you are making single calculations instead of the table of calculations you’d do with a full truth-table. Your only job here is to state whether the claim is true or false under the conditions where the simple propositions A, B, and C are true and X, Y, and Z are false. Exercise XV Here just do the odd numbered problems. Again you can do more for extra practice (and extra practice is really REALLY helpful for learning logic!) Exercise XXIV Do problems 5, 7, 13, and 18 minimally, but there’s lots of room for extra practice! Exercise XXVIII Now we’re putting it all together! Many of the skills we’ve been learning are linked together here. Please do problems 6-12. Don’t worry about the part of the instructions that asks you to identify violatiobcqns of Gricean Maxims (“conversational rules”)


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