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Evaluate: Field Experience Report, Part II Complete a minimum two-page document for each part of the field experience report: MLA Style, double spaced, font-size 12-Times New Roman. To complete the final Field Experience Report include the following: Field Experience Report Part II- In a narrative essay format, make sure you answer the following questions: **Remember to include an introductory paragraph, include where you’re observing: school, grade level & teacher** 1. List the criteria you believe contribute to an outstanding school. The list can be composed of both positive items (“The teachers are friendly”) and positive items stated negatively (“Children are not fearful while at school”). 2. Second, review the sections in chapter 2 that deal with the research on characteristics of effective schools, and add four or five items to your list. 3. Third, refresh your memory and past impressions of the school visited for field experience. Take a mental journey through the school. Bring to the front of your mind Page 12 of 24 several teachers, staff members, and administrators. Recall what it is like in various classes, the cafeteria, the playground, and other spots around the school that you observed or frequented. Now you’re ready to evaluate your school’s effectiveness: a) Rate your school on a ten-point scale (with 10 being “truly excellent” and 1 being “very poor”) on each of the items on your list. b) Write the strongest bit of concrete observable evidence for each of your judgments. For example, for the criterion “Teachers are friendly” you might write, “Teachers smile at and talk to students in a friendly way in the halls.” c) What are the key factors, such as poor leadership or unsupportive parents, which keep this school from reaching its full potential? List observable evidence for these points also. 4. Review your findings and answer the following question: If you were given complete control over this school and wished to make it truly outstanding, what are the three changbcqes you would put into effect?


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