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Your second PLP blog post will allow you to demonstrate your facilitation planning skills.  Using the resources found in the library and the internet, you will create a facilitation plan for a one-hour facilitation experience.  The facilitation plan describes the goals, objectives, timeline, activities, transitions, and other details for a one-hour facilitation experience.  You will then post your plan to your blog. Be sure that: Your facilitation is based on a defined theme and participant goal Your facilitation must include at least 2 activities and at least one group division along with proper transitions, debrief, conclusion, etc. Your facilitation MUST be planned for AT LEAST 20 participants Your facilitation must be planned for AT MINIMUM one hour Your facilitation is designed for ONE specific age group (See age group break downs in Chapter 3 for guidance) Your facilitation represents creativity – find activities that are unique and beyond simply clicking the first link on a Google search. Your facilitation plan is presented using the “Facilitation Plan Template” which is found above Your facilitation plan and the included activities are university appropriate. Other notes for success: Be sure each portion of the facilitation ties back to the theme AND participant goal. Each facilitation should include multiple activities – it should NOT consist of one long activity. All aspects of the facilitation should demonstrate proper flow including proper time management and logical sequencing. All areas highlighted in grey should be deleted from the plan and replaced with your own work prior to submission. Be sure to review the facilitation plan grading rubric to understand how the plan will be graded. Mentor created a presentation about risk management Chapter 3 reading pages 59-84


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