Forensic Science: Suicide Case Report Assignments Get Homework Help

Below are the instructions for the assignment. You MUST use the PowerPoint and the sample document to create the report. The 3 questions afterward should be written separately from the report. You do not need sources or need to write in APA for the first part of the assignment, simply follow the sample as a guide. The 3 questions should be written in APA and have sources with intext citation. For this assignment, you will be serving as the investigator on the possible suicide detailed in the Suicide Lab PowerPoint. Create a case report including details from the PowerPoint. A sample case guide is posted here to guide you. Please do not copy it verbatim. Use the report as a structure, but please change some of the information. Please note that while this case report includes many of the same details of your final report, you should be writing your OWN text and observations.  Carefully examine and include ALL of the details shown on the PowerPoint lectures for your submission. Questions 1. During your investigation into the home of the deceased what important information did you find? 2. Why was it important? 3. Please include details explaining why you felt this information was vital to your investigation?


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