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Jordan’s Furniture, a company based in Massachusetts. Jordan’s Furniture has made some very sound marketing decisions. They have learned to advertise and promote their company effectively, successfully setting themselves apart from other furniture companies. They have turned a mundane furniture shopping experience into an entertaining, fun family event. Their promotions and their work with different charities have earned them a loyal customer base. Explore the information you can find on Jordan’s Furniture. Learn about their stores and the entertainment they provide. Review the different promotional efforts they have done and the charities they work with. In your paper, provide the following information: Company History: Who started the company and when? Who bought the company, and when did the purchase take place? Is any of the original family still working with the company? What promotional tools has the company used? What charities is the company involved with? What could other companies learn from Jordan’s Furniture? What could Jordan’s Furniture do to increase profits and sales even more? Your essay must be more than 1100 words (excluding your title page and your reference page) and use a minimum of 3 scholarly resources. All of your resources must be cited in the body using APA style parenthetical citations and listed at the end on an APA style reference page.


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