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This assignment is designed to help students critically review mobile apps that are designed for patients/families and clinicians. In the role as an advanced practice provider, the patient and family will rely on the APRN to provide them with medically appropriate and medically sound resources. In this assignment, the student will identify two apps: one for patients/families and one for healthcare clinicians. The app can be geared toward any healthcare related topic such as asthma treatment, depression, parenting tips, etc. The student will use the rubric below to critique the apps.   Learning Objectives: 1. Demonstrate the ability to critically review healthcare related mobile apps 2. Identify medically sound resources for patients and healthcare clinicians 3. Create a resource toolkit that will be useful during clinical rotation and future practice as an APRN   Use the BOLDED headings on the rubric in your write-up for each App Page limit: 1-2 pages per each App (does not include title and reference page) – It is acceptable to only have 1-3 sentences as your response for each heading. Total possible points: 100


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