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Critical thinking paper #3  will have you do a specific research regarding AUTODESK, a world class company who is also very special for its view on ‘Software-As-A-Service’. For this assignment, you do not have to do citations, but you must give in the ‘works cited’ page a link to all the sources you used to write your paper on (a simple copy and paste of the URL is Ok). I will remove points for arguments made without the support of a basic research. I will check every single link, so make sure I can find your source ! Your paper will show: 1)your findings and explanations on the good as well as the bad on AUTODESK view on ‘subscriptions’. Note: even if it says subscription, it concerns “Software-As-A-Service” as well. (If you need a refresher on the terms, it was covered in Chapter 4) 2) Your findings on their business practices (do an extensive search on the meaning of the “Autodesk graveyard’ to grasp what the core of the assignment is about. Do not stop at the first 2-3  links on your google search, or you will probably miss what I am directing you toward), and don’t content yourselves with a cursory look on that graveyard page. There is much to infer from that practice from Autodesk, and I want you to find all of it. 3) Finally, use your findings on that company to tell me if you would be at ease/confident (or not) using SAAS if you owned a business. MS Word only, 750+ words, double space, general MLA format, except for citations (this time only.)


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