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1.     View one of the films on the list below and write a three to six page paper containing the following: a.     A plot synopsis complete enough to demonstrate you actually saw the film. b.     A discussion of the following elements of mise en scene. 1.     Story 2.     Acting performances 3.     Cinematography 2.     Discuss the director’s style. 3.     Discuss your personal reaction to the film. 4.     Papers should be three to six pages for a maximum of 25 points. Film List:             P. T. Anderson Films: 1.     Hard Eight (1996) 2.     Magnolia (1999) 3.     There Will Be Blood (2007) 4.     Phantom Thread (2017) Classics and documentary films available on Amazon and Netflix.             Films by and with SNL Alums 1.     National Lampoon’s: Animal House (1978) 2.     Trading Places (1983) 3.     The Razor’s Edge (1984) 4.     Bowfinger (1999) 5.     Saint Vincent (2014) Documentary 1.     Intent To Destroy: Death, Denial and Depiction (2017) 2.     When We Were Kings (1996) 3.     High School (1968) by Frederick Wiseman


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