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This assignment is based on the CBC news story found at the following link: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/class-divide-covid-concerns-vulnerable-students-fall-through-cracks-1.5741463 There are 2 parts to this assignment, each worth 10 points. Part A. After carefully reading the story, find three different parts of chapter 9 that you can relate to the news story. Carefully identify the point from the chapter, with a page reference and a quotation and then explain the general point made in the chapter and then explain how you think the story relates to that point. This should be about 100 to 200 words per point, 300-600 words total. Part B. Find two other news stories that in your view can also be related to one of the three points you identified in part A. You must provide a proper citation for the story (see https://library.senecacollege.ca/mla ) and then explain how these stories can be seen to relate to the sociologically significant aspect that the CBC story about the students from the Ottawa neighbourhood that you identified in part A. Your two stories must come from a news source. This part should be approximately 400 words. Assignment submission: Upload your file through the assignment tab. Scroll down to the attach files box and click on ‘Browse my computer’ to find your file on your device and then click submit. Submit this assignment as a .docx or .doc file. Submissions in any other format will not be graded or accepted.


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