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Business Analysis What is the company’s industry? What are the company’s sources of revenue? What is one statistic (an example of a non-financial item) that is highlighted in the company’s “2019 by the Numbers” section? How does this statistic contribute to the company’s business operations? How many of the company’s facilities are located in California? What are three California cities mentioned in the company’s facilities list? What are two risk factors that affect the company’s business and operational results? Financial Statement Analysis What is the title of the company’s income statement? What amount did UHS report as net income in 2019? Did UHS have comprehensive income in 2019? If so, what are some examples of its comprehensive income? Which amount is higher (in 2019), net income or cash flows from operating activities (provide the amounts)? How might knowing which amount is higher contribute to the decision-making process of an investor? Financial Statement Disclosures Which public accounting firm audits UHS? How long has this firm been the company’s auditor? In what two ways has adopting the new revenue recognition standard (ASU 2014-09 and ASU 2016-08) affected UHS? Ratio Analysis 10. Calculate the company’s return on assets (net income/average total assets) for 2018 and 2019. The company’s total assets for 2017 were $10,761,828 (in thousands). During which year was UHS more efficient at using its assets to generate profits?


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