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Length: 3-5 pages – double spaced. Points will be deducted if you do not fill an entire third page. • Sources: 3-5 scholarly sources (excluding Blackboard/lecture videos) • The paper is due by July 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM via SafeAssign in Blackboard. Components of the Paper: • Introduction • Body Paragraphs o Discussion of the three subject areas studied this semester that you found most interesting and/or important. You also must explain what made it interesting/important and why. ▪ The subjects must be specific and not broad. For instance, you cannot write about how you found the road to president interesting/important. Instead, you would want to write specifically about fundraising, primaries and caucuses, the debates, etc. ▪ The three subject areas you discuss MUST be from POLS 2302. Subject areas should focus on topics listed in the syllabus under the course-level objectives or the class lecture schedule. Your book covers material that was used in POLS 2301, so please make sure to write over topics you have learned and not by picking random things in the book. You will receive a zero for the entire paper if you write over something 2301 related. o Identify, discuss and describe a specific contemporary political problem related to the material covered in POLS 2302. In other words, you will need to write about a problem in the United States or Texas that may still happen in our government/society today. You may get ideas from the textbook or my video lectures. ▪ Again, use the course-level objectives and the schedule of assignments to help you out. If you have read the textbook this semester, it probably gave you a lot of ideas. You are welcome to use these, but just make sure that you are citing the textbook. ▪ You also may NOT discuss anything that we did not learn (i.e. why you should vote, social media, lobbying, etc.) or anything from POLS 2301. You will receive an overall zero if you do. o Construct and communicate a solution to the problem you identified (above). Make sure to develop and express your solution in the form of an argument that is supported by well-documented, and properly cited, facts and data. ▪ If you use the textbook to help you come up with a contemporary problem, you MUST develop your own solution. ▪ If there is no way to fix your problem, then you need to state why it cannot be fixed with research to prove so. Failure to do so will result in major point deductions. • Conclusion Rules: • Your essay must include a title page containing your name, POLS 2302, an essay title, semester, and the date of your submission of the assignment through Safe Assign. (The title page is not included as a numbered page and your essay should meet the page number requirement exclusive of the cover page.) • Your written assignment should be typed and double spaced with 12-point font and oneinch margins top, bottom, and side. • Correct grammar, capitalization, and complete sentences is a crucial aspect of the grading rubric. o References to court cases must be italicized (i.e. Brown v. Board of Education) or underlined (i.e. Brown v. Board of Education). Failure to do so will result in a 5-point deduction EVERY time you mention a court case within the text. • Please consult the “Citation Information” handout on more rules in regard to citations and prohibited sources. • The written assignment MUST be uploaded as ONE document (title page, essay, works cited should all be in the SAME document). Students can find the link to submit their written assignment by clicking the “Written Assignment” tab in the left-hand column of the course, then clicking “Term Paper Submission.” Students may NOT submit the assignment via email inside or outside the course Blackboard system. Students may not cut and paste essays into the assignment window – the assignment MUST be uploaded as a WORD document and MUST be in ONE file. Do NOT upload more than one written assignment document. The system will only allow you to select ONE file, so make sure that file is the combined cover page, paper, AND bibliography. Assignments uploaded in any format other than WORD, such as a PDF, RTF, ZIP, Pages, etc. will automatically receive an overall assignment score of zero. Assignments submitted only via email will automatically receive a zero as will assignments submitted outside of Safe Assign. In summary, you MUST submit your paper: o As one complete paper (no separate submissions of title pages or bibliographies); o In Word format (no zip drives, PDF, RTF or other forms of submission); o As an uploaded document from your computer; with the box checked for your agreement to submit your paper to the Global Reference Database Carefully read the Course Management Policies, “Academic Honesty Statement” for additional guidelines for your written assignments. Any cut and paste, plagiarized, or Wiki cited posts or papers will result in an automatic grade of zero for the overall assignment and possible expulsion from the course and Lamar University. NO late papers will be accepted, this includes papers posted a minute or more late. Students have ONLY one chance to upload papers to Safe Assign and the version that is uploaded is the version that will be graded. Students are NOT allowed to submit papers they have written for any other course including written assignments and papers submitted. If a student is retaking POLS 2302 for a grade replacement, the student is NOT allowed to submit a paper previously submitted in any POLS 2301 course, POLS 2302 course, or any other course. Submission of a paper previously submitted by you or any other student in any other course will appear in SafeAssign and be considered by the instructor to be plagiarized. A paper submitted in this course – written by the student or any other person – that appears in any other course will result in an assignment score of zero. Your name and work will be submitted into a permanent file marked “plagiarism” and may be used by the instructor or subsequent instructors for evidence of one-time or repeated plagiarism and may be used as evidence of academic dishonesty resulting in expulsion from Lamar University.

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