Strategic Communication Plan Assignments Cheap Essay Help

Your Communications Plan” Please respond to the following:

Part 1: Provide a brief overview of your Strategic Communications Plan. Include a short description for each of the following in bullet point format:

    • The purpose of the communication
    • Your goal
    • Audience
    • Key Message
    • Supporting Points
    • Channel Selection
    • Action Request

Part 2: Review at least two of your peers’ Strategic Communications Plan. Provide feedback. Don’t be afraid to challenge their assumptions, suggest new possibilities, and affirm their choices when those choices are good.

(I have attached my communications plan)

Note: Remember, feedback is a powerful and essential tool. Thoughtful, useful feedback is specific. It combines suggestions for improvement with the recognition of good ideas. When you offer feedback, you should contribute new ideas and new perspectives to help your peers learn and move forward.

Here is a peers plan to respond to, please include response in separate document:

The purpose of communication should always be to communicate a, message on a particular in a manner a baby could understand.

My goal would be to convey a message on a topic that the audience could understand.

The audience varies within the workforce it must be a message that resembles the sediments of those who have discontentment while speaking to those in power to hear the cries of those who ensure the capital gain of stockholders are met.

The critical message to address stockholders interest while addressing the needs of employees in a non-threatening manner to the capital gain of stockholders.

The supporting paint is how to create revenue that the entire organization receives capital gain.

The organization must choose the media that best target their niche market, i.e., social media platforms, using cookies to track customers who have visited a particular site looking for an item and continually showing this item on all sites visited.

An action can take many different forms, one being a customer satisfaction survey, to sales ads or a preventive measure to correct a problem before it occurs.



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