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Select ONE of the following topics and write a 2-3 page essay, detailing your response. Points will be awarded based on proper usage of grammar and sentence syntax, organization, and depth of analysis. You may earn up to 20 extra credit points on this assignment.

Option 1: Describe a recent conflict that you experienced, specifically identifying how the conflict represented (1) and expressed struggle (2) between interdependent parties (3) who perceive incompatible goals and scarce resources as well as (4) interference from the other party. Use information from chapter 11 to guide your discussion. How might this conflict have been handled better?

Option 2: For one week, keep a journal and record every time that you are deceptive in any way, even in the service of politeness. For each deceptive act, record your motive and how you felt after the lie. Use Chapter 12 as a reference.


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