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For this discussion forum, please watch a television show that involves friends (e.g., Friends, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, etc.) and answer the following questions using Chapter 10 of your eBook or textbook (using the terms and concepts you learned from the chapter in your responses):

  1. What types of friendships are present?
  2. What gender considerations are present?
  3. Do the friends follow any of the guidelines for communication in successful friendships found in Chapter 10? Which ones (be specific with concepts from the chapter)?
  4. Do you or your friends sometimes find yourself comparing your relationships to the ones you see on television? Would you say that you have learned about friendship from television? Why or why not?
  5. Respond to two classmates with constructive feedback and/or thoughtful questions.

Make sure to relate the assignment to the class : Interpersonal Communications and use key concepts and terms from the course in the response)


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