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Course Description: EDMG321 – Social Media Application to Emergency & Disaster Management EDMG321 explores social media and other forms of communication along with their potential value and resultant limitations with respect to their cross-functional employment in support of emergency management, homeland security and public health emergency operations.

Extending from that, this course evaluates the contributions of the internet and social media at large within the broader media/public relations context and as a stand-alone mass notification/information sharing platform enabling and facilitating an expanded communications strategy for disaster response.

Assignment Instructions:

Paper shall Demonstrate your grasp of the concepts covered in the course related to course specific topics or issues of particular interest to you such as the use of social media in the field of emergency management and / or crisis communications.

It should not exceed 20 double spaced typed pages (Minimum 10 double spaced, typed pages) and should include a title page and a reference page (an abstract is optional) – none of which count toward the page total.

Your work must have a demonstrable and clearly recognizable thesis. Papers without a clear thesis will generally receive no higher than an average grade as will papers without a clear analysis of underlying ideas standing in support of the thesis.

Do recall that “first person” writing is not appropriate in formal writing and papers containing first person writing will again receive no higher than an average grade.


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