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Traditional cable television is being replaced by streaming video services. Please review the articles below and provide an answer to each item in the Discussion:

1. Do you believe streaming video services will eventually replace cable television? Why or why not?
2. Would you consider or have you already cut the cable cord and switched to any of these streaming services instead of cable or satellite TV? Why or why not?

61% of young adults watch mainly streaming TV (Links to an external site.) Lee Rainie September 13, 2017

How the new AT&T could bully its way to streaming domination (Links to an external site.) Dec 18, 2018

Cable vs Streaming: Does cutting the cord really save you money? (Links to an external site.) Aug 19, 2019

Cable vs. Streaming Live TV Services: Which Should You Choose? (Links to an external site.)
Consumer Reports July 19, 2019

Cord-Cutting 101: Why Streaming Services Can’t Totally Replace Cable Yet (Links to an external site.)




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