Computer science response questions Assignments Get Homework Help

A. Answer these question in detail atleast in two paragraph. Like 10 sentences in each paragraph with proper reference.

1. Describe how a hard drive saves retrieves data.

2.Explain essential peripherals for a computer system.

B. Answer each question in detail atleast of 5 sentences on each question.

1(a).What does the acronym SDLC mean, and what does an SDLC portray?
2(b).What does the acronym DBLC mean, and what does a DBLC portray?

2. Explain how do we move from ERD to Logical data model.


C. Explain this question properly. The answer should be of 2,3 pages in apa style.

1. What are the functions of databases, DBMS, big data and data warehouses?

Please no plagiarism. With proper citation on each answer.


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