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1. Read at least five of the additional research articles that you found for your Bibliography. Compare and contrast the additional research articles with the assigned article. – do the additional articles provide new insights on the topic? – do they challenge the original article? or, do they mostly agree with one another? – which article offers the most insight or useful ideas on the topic? – how have these six articles shaped your thoughts on the topic? 2. Identify an example of Canadian sport media coverage that is relevant to the research in the assigned article. Your example may be from print, broadcast, or digital media. The sporting event and the media coverage must both be substantially “Canadian.” 3. Test the insights found in the original article by applying the authors’ research to your example of Canadian sport media coverage. Your research and analysis may also draw upon the additional articles in your bibliography. (Provided in an attachment) 4. Write a report that assesses the validity of the assigned article. Your analysis must draw upon the other research articles and your interpretation of the Canadian case study. Do you think the original scholar’s arguments provide an accurate description and/or explanation for sports coverage in Canada? Justify your analysis and conclusion with strong evidence and a logical argument. FYI – your paper may include elements of your article summary (File Attached) – your paper must incorporate references to the additional five (or more) research articles that you consulted. The file attached named SPMA 3P22 – Media Analysis, Provides a direction of the topic and a start to what is expected. All work must be related and brought back to that document.


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