The Businesses of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) Assignments | College Homework Help

1.     In a 5-page, doubled-spaced APA formatted paper, please answer the following questions in alphabetical order. For example: a. The history of VR in one in which…. b. The most popular home entertainment uses of AR and VR are….   a.     Provide a brief history of VR. Note that over the past several years, VR has remained a niche industry. Although Facebook, Valve, HTC, and other firms have collectively pumped billions of dollars into developing VR headsets, developers haven’t seemed very interested in developing a robust ecosystem of VR. What has prohibited great acceptance of VR? b.     What are the most popular home entertainment uses and trends of AR and VR? What are people using them for? Watching movies, gaming, etc.? c.     What does the VR/AR industry need to improve before it can be profitable? d.     What do business industry experts predict for the commercial future of AR and VR in the next five years? Do experts believe the Covid-19 pandemic will impact sales or change consumer perceptions? e.     Make a connection to how AR/VR could improve your major and prepare you for the job market. Reflect on how AR/VR simulations could be used in your future line of work. 2.     There should be 8 to 10 references which include articles in commercial publications, blogs, entertainment industry magazines, or related digital platforms (Forbes, Wired, New York Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, etc.).


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