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dentify a SPECIFIC example of  the An inter-local shared service (usually in the form of one local government contracting with another local (specific means that you are identifying government entities by name (e.g. City of Oakland Park, Broward County, City of Weston, State of Florida, federal government) Briefly describe it. Answer the following: 1. Why do you think the arrangement was made? Consider concepts such as government size, the number of employees needed, if the job is highly specialized, ease of provision, efficiency, proximity, infrastructure availability, etc. Directly reference material from the textbook. This must be specific to the specific arrangement you identified. 2. How does each side benefit? Directly reference material from the textbook. 3. Are there any downsides to the example you found for the government or the citizens?  Referencing the material means using terms as they are used in the textbook, providing a page number or other reference, etc. You don’t have to do a full citation, just show us you read the material and are applying it to this post. This link includes some examples of shared service agreements:


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