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INSTRUCTIONS FOR MEDIA REPORTS Read the chapters assigned for each Media Report and choose five topics or behaviors for your assignment.  Your Media Report must be 1000 words long for full credit. Find an example of each topic you selected in a novel, television show or movie.  Your example must come from a fictional (not factual) source.  Describe the incident and explain why it is an example of your topic.  Be sure to include a detailed description so that the reader can understand what happened, even without reading the book or seeing the show or movie. Remember that your example must come from a FICTIONAL source. If your Media Report is not based on fictional sources, your grade will be zero. FORMATTING EXAMPLE Here is an example of exactly how your Media Report should look. Include the “Topic” heading and novel, movie, or TV reference. Topic 1 – Secure Attachment, found in the novel “The Help,” by Kathryn Stockett In this novel, an infant named Mae Mobley became attached to her caregiver, Aibileen.  Mae Mobley’s mother showed little interest in her, but like any infant the little girl needed to be loved.  Since Aibileen was a kind and loving person, and she took especially good care of Mae Mobley, the child formed an attachment bond with her.  Continue by giving examples showing the emotional bond between Mae Mobley and Aibileen.         Topic 2 – Forcible Sexual Behavior, found in an episode of “Law and Order, SVU” I watched an episode in which a high school teacher was sexually assaulted by one of her students.  The student’s doctor discovered that he had an STI, and reported it as a case of statutory rape, since the boy was under the age of 18.  So the police originally thought that the male student was the rape victim.  Continue to describe what happened, and why it is an example of the topic. Continue with topics 3-5.  Remember that full credit on each Media Report requires 5 topics and a minimum of 1000 words.   The link to the book: Password to the book: plutohelix1718


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