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Instructions: Please read the questions carefully. Then, please answer each question in no fewer than 3 sentences. Before turning in your quiz, please make sure you proofread. This is an “open book” quiz. 3 points per question, 15 points total. 1/What is multiple threading, according to Johnson (Johnson, Steven: “Introduction” and “Television” from Everything Bad is Good For You)? Pick an example of this from your episode of Lost and analyze the multiple threading in this example carefully, using Johnson’s language (using a quote from our reading). 2/Henry (Henry, Matthew “The Triumph of Popular Culture: Situation Comedy) argues that The Simpsons is a good example of a postmodern TV show. Pastiche is one of the many techniques used by postmodern texts. Please pick one good example of pastiche from the episode of Simpsons you watch. First, define the term. Then, discuss how this example of pastiche makes this episode more postmodern.   3/One of the arguments Thorburn (Thorburn, David: “Television Melodrama” from Television: A Critical View. Sixth Edition.) makes about TV melodrama is that “the lie liberates.” What does he mean by this? Why/how does this make TV melodrama a particularly useful genre for cultural/social critique? Pick one example of this from the episode of Angel, “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?” and discuss why/how this particular lie liberates. ( 4/Why is melodrama such a perfect genre for TV, according to Thorburn? (Thorburn, David: “Television Melodrama” from Television: A Critical View. Sixth Edition.) Find a quote from the author that addresses this and provide a close reading of it. 5/Rowe Karlyn (Karlyn, Kathleen Rowe: “Rosean ne: Unruly Woman as Domestic Goddess”) discusses the concept of the carnivalesque in relation to the character Roseanne. First, define this term. Then, please pick one good way in which Roseanne is carnivalesque in the Halloween episode you watched. ( What is the lesson she learns from her dream of being “ruly” rather than “unruly”?


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