Individual Reflective Portfolio (Discovering of management) Assignments Cheap Essay Help

Individual Reflective Portfolio  This assignment is an individual piece of work which needs to consist of three short pieces, submitted together as a single piece of work. You can choose to write this in a blog format or as a standard word document. The assignment should be 2000 words long (+/- 10% excluding references), so each element will be between 600 and 700 words long. Your reflective work should answer the following questions:  1) As a result of your term 1 learning in the Discovering Management module, what is the single most important lesson you have learned about effective management? Reflect also on why you see this as the most important lesson, and what the implications of this are for you.  2) As a result of your experience of group work in term 1, what do you think are your emerging strengths and weaknesses as a team member? Reflect also on the implications of this self-assessment for you and on what actions you can take to develop your ability to become a better team-worker in the next term.  3) Your third piece will comprise of written feedback from you to one of the other teams in your seminar group about their formative presentation. This should be concerned as much with content as with the presentation skills the team demonstrated. You can build on the feedback you provided earlier on as a team but here you are asked to provide your individual thoughts and review. Your feedback should be thoughtful and constructive.


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