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Valium and Zithromax 1). Name 4 process that Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) are  involved in  2). Name 3 systems where CYP450 enzymes are most commonly expressed- which ones and  in what way are they expressed in these systems? 3). Describe the pathophysiological relationship between the two drugs assigned to your group and a CYP 450 enzyme- exactly which enzyme is involved?  4). Explain the mechanism of action for the CYP 450 and what is the outcome of the interaction?  5). What are your patient safety considerations? Identify specific client and/or family education. 6). Explain any differences between age or populations based interactions ex (infant, child, elderly, pregnant, lactating) and the general  adult. Part 2 Gentamicin, Levofloxacin You have also been assigned 2 antibiotics, antimicrobials. Answer the following questions.  REMEMBER: Quality means more than Quantity BUT you must demonstrate understanding of the following  drug concepts related to your medications. Cite scholarly sources in APA format  Therapeutic Class 2. Drug Pregnancy Category  2. Mechanisms of Action  3. Uses        4. Mechanism of Resistance 5. Physiological Adverse  Effects 6. Safety Considerations       7. Dietary Considerations 8. Education Considerations


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