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Congratulations! You were selected to move on to the interviews for your dream job in Unit 2. For this stage in the application process, you must create a hypothetical case study for a child and family and document your initial biopsychosocial assessment. In this scenario, you may decide whom the child is living with (such as biological parents, a single parent, a grandparent, another family member, or a foster parent). For this assignment, please respond to the following.  Subjective and Objective Information Describe the client demographics (age, sex, gender, race or ethnicity, family composition and history, living situation), reason for referral, presenting problem(s) and a brief description of the agency setting (objective information). Provide client comments   For example, child, mother, father, or sister (names) reports or states the following: (subjective information) Systems Theory  Assessment  Analyze how the child in your scenario is impacted from a nature versus nurture standpoint. Using the ecosystems theory and the person-in-environment framework, please fully explain the presenting problem(s) of the child and the family. According to multiple systems in the human environment, examine the influences present in the child’s micro, mezzo, and macro system. Analyze how the child in your scenario is impacted from ecosystems theory. How do social environment and various systems influence the child’s behavior? Include positive and negative system influences such as church, school, peers, family members, neighbors, culture, community services, and the media    Plan  What are your recommendations and intervention strategies for this child and family                                                                                                                                                                                           Ethics, Values, and Self-Care Strategie What challenges could working with this child and family pose for you as a human service professional? What personal values or self-bias could potentially impact your ability to work effectively with this child and family? What ethical dilemmas could present themselves in this case study? What self-care strategies would you practice to respond to the ethical dilemmas, conflicting values, and self-bias?


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