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So, on my first draft I got a 75. Final draft is due on Sunday, and we had a class on Monday to prepare us for the draft. Essentially, my essay was deemed a compare/contrast essay, and needs to have more “conversation”, essentially identifying the essential elements within the texts used by the writer, I have too many quotes, you don’t need to edit them out. Just explain what the writer is doing, not what the text is illustrating. Seriously, I’ve had 2/2 writers so far that simply do not adhere to the instructions.  PROCESS OF CRITICAL THINKING Stage 1 Recounting the personal history of the writer means that you are regurgitating evidence. What are the ideas – set up, explored, and developed using the evidence? Stage 2 The categories used in the model capture observations specific to the film; they are not necessarily relevant to any other text.  Stage 3 Are you explaining the writer’s experience or are you developing ideas derived from analysis? If aspects of your analysis are not present here, then you are skating on the surface of the  text. BELOW IS THE ACTIVITY THAT I HAVE TO DO REVOLVING AROUND THE TEXTS I CHOSE THAT YOU WILL SEE IN MY ESSAY TEXT 1 = GOING AT IT ALONE BY RAHAWA HAILE TEXT 2 = THE UGLY TOURIST BY JAMAICA KINCAID  [Text 1] engaging – analyzing – developing [Text 2] engaging – analyzing – developing [Text 1 + Text 2] meshing beginning To do this exercise, you will need to be able to distinguish between ideas vs. evidence meaning vs. subject matter analysis vs. description . No, I am not going to collect this work. If you choose not do it, then you are choosing not to learn. Know, though, that I will be looking for evidence of this activity in the final  draft.


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