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This week, select a mobile phone application (and provide the online url) for one of the following relaxation techniques provided below:  Qi Gong  Progressive muscle relaxation  Deep breathing exercises  Autogenic training  Journaling Then, search the literature for a related review or study you can describe in your first discussion post. Post by Thursday night! 1. Describe the mind-body intervention you found in the first paragraph and critique the app (background information) 2. Detail the methods (what they did) and findings (results) of the study/review in the second paragraph 3. Discuss any limitations to the study, what the gap in research may be, and where you believe future research should go. +Provide two references for your first post and one for your peer response. +Be sure your article is within the past eight years. +Try to find something different (or a varied version on the same topic) than what has already been posted by your peers for your initial post. For example, there are many types of deep breathing applications, so be sure and find one unique from what your peer has posted, supported by a differing study. Your peer response is due by Sunday night! Here’s an example of a mobile app for the one-moment meditation you experienced in the last unit: Boroson, R. (2017). One-moment meditation. Retrieved from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onemomentmeditation.omm1&hl=en


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