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The nurse as a health promoter


 Students will be “graded” on this paper for NSG 398.


Expected learner outcomes:

Discuss challenges and opportunities for health promotion

Analyze Healthy People 2020 and implications for improved health

Identify Health Promotion Models

Identify barriers to health promotion behavior

Analyze the nurses role in caring and health promotion at the individual (self), family, patient, and community levels.





Written assignment:  The Mission Statement of WCU’s School of Nursing is to Educate nurse leaders who are dedicated to caring and participating with individuals, families and communities to meet health needs.


Discuss Caring.  What does the term “caring” mean to you?

Discuss health promotion and preventative health services.

Define chronic disease and the importance of health promotion and health promotion behavior (Refer to Healthy People 2020).

Give examples of how you demonstrate caring in your relationships with patients, families and communities in meeting health care needs.

Identify barriers to health promotion.

Discuss how you might plan and implement health-promoting behaviors into your life, in and outside of work, and in your future nursing practice.  Discuss short and long-term benefits.




Use appropriate APA style with a title page, running head, and reference list.


Identify and save your paper electronically as LastNameFirstInitial_NSG301_Module9 (example HallV_NSG301_M9)


Post your paper in the appropriate Blackboard drop box in NSG 301


Due Date: See Course Calendar





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