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The assignment is to choose two primary sources related to the topic presented and answer two of the questions about them from the above list. One paragraph is necessary for each numbered question(s) and a total number of 300 words.


Define and explain two of the following topics and locate relevant primary sources:

  1. Wilmot Proviso
  2. Compromise of 1850
  3. Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
  4. Kanas-Nebraska Act of 1854 and “Bleeding Kansas”
  5. Rise of the Republican Party
  6. Dred Scott decision by Supreme Court
  7. John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry


Choose two relevant questions from the following list to discuss each of your primary sources (list the questions you choose—they are not included in the word count):

  1. Does this event indicate radical changes in history? How quickly did change result? Why? Does it indicate that the event prevents change and instead ensures continuity of the way things are?
  2. What new ideas were introduced? Did they prevail? Why or why not?
  3. Should this event be commemorated as a public holiday?
  4. What short-term and long-term consequences resulted from this event? Are they apparent today? How? 
  5. What role did technology or economic factors have in this event?
  6. Who benefitted and who did not? How?
  7. Does this event provide any insight into the general human experience? If so, what does it reveal?
  8. What were some competing views of the event at the time? Which seem more accurate? Why?
  9. What does this reveal about the role of government in the United States? How has it changed? How has it remained the same? What has been (and is) most controversial about the political implications of this episode?
  10. How did gender affect attitudes or developments? Why?


Use Launchpad and/or the following online locations for primary sources:

  1. Library of Congress
  2. America in Class
  3. Chronicling America
  4. Docs Teach (National Archives)
  5. Yale Avalon Project
  6. Perseus Digital Library
  7. Milestone Documents
  8. History Matters
  9. World Digital Library
  10. Internet History Sourcebook Project


For background on your topics, use the following sources:

  1. The American Promise, Roark (your textbook)
  2. UNG Press History in the Making: A History of the American People to 1877
  3. Digital History
  4. OpenStax U.S. History Textbook
  5. Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
  6. Our digital partner Vitalsource has partnered with Bookshelf to give students access to 7 free eBooks.
  7. World Wide Web Virtual Library (American History)


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