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In this Assignment, you will locate peer-reviewed research on different public health topics, compare the articles, and describe potential changes within the topic area. Topic: Antibiotic resistance Find at least three peer-reviewed articles on your chosen topic to support your analysis. Make sure the articles have been published within the last 5 years.   After critically reading and reviewing the scholarly papers you selected, write a cohesive paper in which you address the following: Provide a background of the topic you chose. Explain the magnitude of the issue. Summarize the information in the peer-reviewed articles. Compare and contrast the articles. Describe the projected future trends in the topic area. Explain what public health efforts/initiatives are needed to address the issue. Describe the ethical issues to be considered in addressing the issue.   Your paper should reflect the skills you have gained through this course, including: Engaging in critical analysis Writing in a scholarly voice Citing references using proper APA format Conducting appropriate, scholarly research


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