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Compose a 15-page research paper based on your own research into an individualized and “relatively” original historical topic.  You will be expected to write a first draft, and then polish that draft into a final paper based on personalized feedback from the professor and your fellow students.  The paper should be composed with rigorous scholarship, academic integrity, and attention to grammar.  Please adhere to the following guidelines:


Format: Your paper should be composed in 12-pt, Times New Roman font.  Your citations should be in footnotes, with notes and bibliography entries in Turabian format.  The body should be double spaced, with no additional spaces between paragraphs.  You should also include a title page (see Turabian for style suggestions).  Each page should include your last name and page number in the header or footer.


Sources: You must have AT LEAST 10 sources, of which at least 7 should be books, 1 should be a scholarly/peer-reviewed article, and 2 should be distinct primary sources.


General: Maintain past tense throughout your paper.  Avoid passive voice as much as possible.  Avoid first person as much as possible.  Refrain from overusing rhetorical questions.  Carefully proofread your paper and, ideally, allow someone else to read it.


Each draft of your paper will be graded according to a rubric designed to weigh the most important aspects of historical research paper.  Feel free to refer to the rubric as you write.  Your grade for the paper will contribute to the overall grade for the research project and course in the following way:


Research Project ………………………… 50%

-Topic Statement: 50 pts.

-Annotated Bibliography: 100 pts.

-Detailed Outline: 50 pts.

-First Draft: 100 pts.

-Final Draft: 200 pts.


Due Dates:


Topic Statement: 8/30

Annotated Bib.: 10/11

Outline: 10/25

First Draft: 11/1

Revised Draft: 11/29



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