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Required length: five pages, plus list of sources consulted



(Scholarly sources of your choice; see below)


By the time you get into this second paper, you will have done research on and defined some key terms of analysis of creative works. And you have also viewed and taken notes on two good examples of films made at a key historical moment, Night Train to Munich

(1940) and Foreign Correspondent (1940).


This paper assignment asks you to do enough further research in secondary sources to find several good scholarly articles relevant to the subject.


For your paper, I would like for you to draw partly on your own work leading up to this assignment. Write about these two films, focusing primarily on one significant element they have in common.


  1. Watch the films again (whole or part), if necessary
  2. Refer to the scholarly definitions of relevant terms
  3. Draw on the scholarship (scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles or books) for your discussion
  4. If possible, draw on good sources for the real-world history around the films


If you feel that you need more material, remember that you can draw on history. Please remember to include who, what, when, where, and how. Specifics usually work best, and for this assignment particularly when you discuss historical context.


Once you have thought over the films carefully and have chosen your scholarly sources (articles or books), the next step is to analyze them in view of the research. Try not to start with preconceived notions. Jot down your notes first. Then go back to your subject using your definitions, your sources, and any further examination of context. Take a break. Then go back to your notes; see what you’ve got. If conclusions, fine. If not, start writing anyway. Your notes and reading may well lead you in directions that you cannot altogether predict beforehand. But the direction you take is ultimately up to you.


Again, as your course syllabus indicates, research is required for this paper as for all papers in the class. Consult and use at least five good sources–besides the films themselves or basic reference sources–and cite your sources appropriately. As we discuss in class, finding good sources and learning which sources are best for your purposes are a large part of doing research. Intellectual honesty demands that any sources used be cited. You may use your preferred format for documentation, depending on your major or field.


The papers are due at the beginning of class Tuesday, November 3rd  typed double-spaced, thoroughly proofread and revised.


One more note: ALWAYS COME UP WITH A GOOD TITLE. We will discuss this assignment in class. As always, you are also welcome to get in touch with me individually when you have additional questions.



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