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1.This week you learned about the ADDIE model of instructional design. What step in the ADDIE process do you think is the most important and why?

2. This week’s T&D tool is the Learning Styles Inventory. After you have taken the Learning Styles Inventory (LSI), please discuss the following questions:

  • Was the information accurate in describing your style? Did it miss anything?
  • Why might it be important for training professionals to understand the LSI?

This is a test http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles/ilsweb.html

Those are my answers:

Results for: danijela
      ACT                      X                            REF
           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11
                              <-- -->

      SEN  X                                                INT
           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11
                              <-- -->

      VIS  X                                                VRB
           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11
                              <-- -->

      SEQ          X                                        GLO
           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11
                              <-- -->

  • If your score on a scale is 1-3, you are fairly well balanced on the two dimensions of that scale.
  • If your score on a scale is 5-7, you have a moderate preference for one dimension of the scale and will learn more easily in a teaching environment which favors that dimension.
  • If your score on a scale is 9-11, you have a very strong preference for one dimension of the scale. You may have real difficulty learning in an environment which does not support that preference.

We suggest you print this page, so that when you look at the explanations of the different scales you will have a record of your individual preferences. When you close the page the information cannot be retrieved.For explanations of the scales and the implications of your preferences, click on
Learning Style Descriptions.
For more information about learning styles or to take the test again, click on
Learning Style Page.


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