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Admissions committees deal with countless stacks of applications, faceless GRE scores, and GPAs. How do they differentiate among applicants with similar scores and academic backgrounds? The personal statement. Your personal statement reveals a great deal about your ability to

  • write
  • think critically
  • stick to the task at hand
  • sell yourself and explain why you’re a good match for the program

Essentially, the essay is your opportunity to talk directly with the admissions committee, to call attention to important parts of your application that might otherwise be overlooked, and to explain any discrepancies or potentially negative aspects of your application. It’s your chance to help the admissions committee see you as a person instead of a grade point average and a clump of standardized test scores.

  • Speak up for yourself and be yourself
  • Be creative and informative
  • Explain why you want to attend graduate school and why each program is a perfect match to your skills.
  • Prepare early
  • Who will be reading your statement?
    • Faculty read for writing ability, motivation, maturity, passion for the field
    • Admissions Committees read to determine qualities and attitudes needed for success and to eliminate candidates who do not fit the program
  • Weave in relevant skills, background and accomplishments
  • Relate to why the specific program attracts and motivates you
  • Avoid focus on tragic or special event that led to your decision
  • Describe how this program will benefit you and how you will benefit the program

I will attach additional information about myself to help.



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