Addictive Properties of Sexually Explicit Materials Assignments | Online Homework Help

No similar work accepted.IT MUST BE A UNIQUE WORK FROM YOU

All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers.

Select from point-value options offered.

TYPE, spell-check and grammar-check your work. Failure to do so will reduce your grade.

Total length of the essay portion of your exam should be approximately 3-4 pages, Arial (10 pt.) or Times New Roman (12 pt.). Normal (1 inch margins apply.)

Make sure you have attempted 50 points

Copy the essay number and topic into your paper, indicate the number of points attempted on that essay, and write your essay under that.


____ 20 points ___ 10 points

Discuss what we know about the addictive properties of sexually explicit materials? What processes are involved? What are the effects of such media content for some individuals?How does cognitive theory explain those? How does the content of the Oprah WInfrey Show featuring Kirk Franklin and his wife address the issue pornography addiction illustrate these processes?What was the most significant thing you learned from this discussion. (transcript linked from the notes) Be specific.


You MUST write at least TWO of these.

Be sure these essays + required essay equal = 50 points!

Choice Essay #1

____ 20 points ___ 10 points

Discuss the Medium Theory and the work of Marshal McLuhan. What are the key tenets of his theories? Why are his ideas more widely accepted today than they were in the 1970s and 1980s? Explain how Nicholas Carr and other recent authors employ medium theory in the expression of their concerns.

Choice Essay 2

____ 20 points ___ 10 points

Explain how meaning information processing/cognitive theory, construction theories, MSDT or fast and slow thinking might explain the concerns Dr. Kardaras has documented in Glo Kids?

Choice Essay 3

____ 20 points ___ 10 points

How does “fast and slow” thnking and ELM theory explain strategic political communication by the Trump administration and by his opposition?

Choice Essay 4

____ 20 points ___ 10 points

What is the Fourth Transformation, and what does it have to do with a Preference-Based Reinforcement Model of com theory? What are the implications of this for our future?


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