Unethical Practices in Community Policing & Civil Rights & Liberties Essays Assignments Get Homework Help

make sure its a separate document for each assignment 2 different classes

police and society

Chapter 3 discusses law enforcement and the law. When considering the order of authority with regard to the federal governments, the highest form of authority is always the U.S. constitution. The constitution ensures a proper balance between individual rights and the powers of the state.

In this assignment you are to compare and contrast civil rights and civil liberties. Give an example of each. The response must be at least 180 words.

community policing

Discuss what potential ethical issues arise with community policing. Why might community-policing act as an “insulator” against unethical behavior?Explain your response using sufficient detail. Be sure to apply the course materials in your discussion. You may use your textbook or other sources. (250-word minimum for this post)


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