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In this section, Laura Ahearn talks about two different ways of using the body and environment to make meaning: (1) as an extralinguistic means of adding meaning to talk (such as gesture, singing, posture, sharing objects, etc), and (2) as a primary means communication, in the form of signed languages. In class, we will examine whether and how signers incorporate gesture other forms of embodiment to make meaning.

In the meantime, what other critical questions do you have after reading this chapter? Post at least TWO (2).

Note that a critical question is one which cannot be answered simply by a thorough reading of the text. Instead, it should be something which is sparked by the text, a lingering curiosity or confusion which you are left with after contemplating the reading. You might consider:

Did the authors’ methods, claims, and evidence seem sound?

Did you buy their argument? Why or why not?

What would ask the author if you could follow up with them directly?

Think of this as an exercise in talking back to the text. Remember: Just because it’s been published doesn’t mean it’s the be all end all! Plenty of published works are taken to task and re-evaluated by other scholars who disagree with or challenge the claims a given author has made. That’s how science is moved forward.



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