Argue for Or Against the Proposition on China and The West Assignments Get Homework Help

“The West” has changed dramatically over time, and includes rival countries and ideologies that have had very different relationships with China. For its part, “China” has also changed dramatically over time, and different regions, governments, political parties, and individuals have had very different understandings of, and relations with, parts of “the West”. For this reason, it is impossible to make any meaningful conclusions about interaction between two entities called “China” and “the West” that are valid for the whole period between 1500 and 1976. Rather, it is necessary to concentrate on specific relationships and shorter periods of time.


Paper must have a clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph, and the body of the paper must offer clear and structured support for that thesis.

Paper must demonstrate a mastery of assigned course readings. The paper must cite at least five different primary sources assigned by me, and these citations should be carefully selected to support the paper’s argument. No outside research is required.

Paper should be around 1200 words in length(at least 1100 words). It should be double-spaced in 12 point font.

-Do not use footnotes and bibliography.



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