Nestle Enterprise Resource Planning Assignments | Custom Homework Help

After reading Chapter 3 – Part 1 Case: Nestle’s ERP Odyssey (Wk2_Nestle.pdf located in this week’s module), create your initial post on the DQ 3 Discussion Board in response to the following questions (answer each question in 2-3 sentences. 2 points/question):

  1. What business objectives did Nestlé USA want to achieve by implementing a company wide ERP system?
  2. Why did Nestlé employees resist the new ERP system?
  3. What proved effective for managing employee resistance?
  4. What technical problems did the ERP project encounter?
  5. What was the primary lesson that Jeri Dunn, the CIO of Nestlé USA, took away from the ERP project? Explain why.
  6. In the end, how did ERP help save money?



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