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For this assignment, you will write a 4-5 page research paper in which you discuss the risk types and trends associated with a publicly traded construction or manufacturing business. In this paper, please address the following questions:

  • What strategic risks have been taken or will be taken by your business?
  • What operational risks does your business take on a daily basis?
  • What are the financial risks taken in your business?
  • What compliance risks might your business face?Requirements
Review the APA Citation Online Guide for assistance with citing sources using APA format.

  • Be sure to include an introductory paragraph at the beginning and a concluding paragraph at the end of your paper.
  • Because your paper is required to be more than one page in length (4-5 pages), you should use subject headings to label your paper as appropriate.
  • Keep in mind that this is a research paper; and, as such, should be informed by your research articles.
  • Be sure to include APA citations to support your assertions and to inform your paper. (include page numbers, and two spaces after a period needed)
  • You will need to include a reference page with this paper.
  • Be sure to proofread your paper to ensure that is free from all grammar and spelling errors.


**Write as not knowing what Strategic Risk Management is. Explain what Strategic Risk mean and what is Strategic Risk Management.Please read rubric for details needed. **

Module 01 Written Assignment – Risk Types and Trends in Business

Scoring Rubric:

Criteria Weight
Described strategic risks taken of the business- What is strategic risk; what were the risks; why were they strategic risks? 5pts ea. 15
Discussed operational risks of the business- What is Operational Risks; what were the risks; why were they ops risks? 6 pts. ea. 20
Described financial risks of the business- What is Financial risks; what were the risks’ what makes them a financial risks? 10 pts. ea. 30
Explained compliance risks of the business- What is compliance risks; what were the risks; what makes them a compliance risk? 8 pts. 25
The assignment met the minimum page length of 4 pages for 3 pts. 5for 4 pts. and 6pts. for 5. 5
The assignment included a brief introduction and conclusion, demonstrated the use of library resources, and demonstrated proper APA mechanics. Each area has up to -3 pts in each section. 5
Total 100



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