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Now our focus is on looking at actual voting trends among Asian American voters, and some of the problems that lie with outreach to Asian American voters. The last few presidential election cycles have produced rather interesting statistics on voter trends, especially for Asian American voters. To that end, one of the assigned readings for this week is “Asian American Voices in the 2016 Election” (Links to an external site.) by the National Asian American Survey. While the report itself is lengthy, the key areas for your focus should be on the Executive Summary and Background, and then you can peruse the various tables, charts, and survey methodologies to understand how the researchers conducted their survey. Note that report was published in October 2016 before the presidential election in November. (I have also included a survey that looks at midterm 2018 election voter survey (Links to an external site.) for Asian Americans and the consequences of the current administration on political affiliation for Asian Americans (Links to an external site.).)

Moreover, there is also a reading that examines exit polling data and media coverage/discussion on Asian American voting trends from the last presidential election itself (Links to an external site.), worth considering as we are setting the stage for the 2020 election. As you read, keep in mind what were the problems with the way that these other surveys approached Asian American communities to gather information — while this is ostensibly one of the problems with exit polling, at this point it should be clear (especially based on our other readings this semester) that this is not just limited to problematic election data.

Finally, the last major reading is Alex Wagner’s piece “Why Are Asian Americans Politically Invisible?” (Links to an external site.) Wagner makes a few points about Asian American voters which you may or may not agree with.

For your discussion response, you should first assess how information on Asian American voting trends were surprising or already familiar to you. In either case, discuss how or why you had such assumptions. Then address Wagner’s piece. Rather than simply agreeing with the premise assumed in the title of the article, you should think about how Wagner has defined “invisibility” and then discuss whether or not that seems to be case. As a part of your response, utilize specific examples from the readings or any outside research to make your point.


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