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This is an small report writng assignment which must use the direct strategy. It needs 2 pages total including reference list and it is an informational report. Its format is memo format. There are at least three sources related to grocery trends must be included in this assignment. You need find three sources between 2009-2019.

The assignment background is listed as follows:

Mr. Patel recently attended the annual conference of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG) in North York, Ontario. At the conference, the CFIG awarded their annual Innovators Award to several family-owned grocery stores across the country. Mr. Patel would like to apply for the award next year, but realizes Harvest Grocery needs to modernize to become innovative. He has asked you to research and write an analytical report about three or four of the latest consumer and grocery trends and recommend the best one to introduce to Harvest Grocery. In addition, Mr. Patel owns an grocery store so your sources must be related to grocery stores but not the supermarkets.

The three sources must be found in magazines, trade journals and national news media.

Your identity is an administrative assistant at Harvest Grocery

Your reader is Arjun Patel, your employer at Harvest Grocery

References must be used with APA style.

You need to introduce the purpose of this report directly at the beginning of the report.

You need to identify and discuss each of your trends

You need to choose the best one recommending to your employer

You need to summarize your research, highlight the most relevant iformation for your reader

You need to justify the recommended action to your employer at the end of the report



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