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Review the instructions for the final project below and complete the two assignments

Trends and Issues in Recreation Management Final Project

Recreation Interview and Site Visit Project (RESEARCH THE INFORMATION)

The final project for this course will require each student to reach out to a Parks and Recreation Director and arrange an in person interview. The goal of the interview will be to gain information about their department. At the time of the interview pictures of their facility should be taken and included in the power point presentation portion of the assignment.

The final project for this course will involve two components:

1. Power Point Presentation – This presentation should include all photos and videos that you take on your interview and should be no less than 10 slides. In addition it should include department name, logo of the department, breakdown of staff in the department, the name of the director you meet with and their picture and a listing of pros and cons they come up with for their position. Also pictures of the facility you meet in.

2. Project Paper – This paper will be 6-7 pages and be comprised of the following sections:

A. Cover Page (not included in 6 -7 pages)

B. Introduction – To include all the details related to the interview. The date, time, location, person, their title and department that you are meeting with. This section will also be used to detail the experience and qualifications of the person you are interviewing.

C. Question & Answer – To include 6-7 of your questions followed by the responses you receive

D. Trends & Issues – This section will include a detailed breakdown of the trends and issues the Recreation Director sees moving into the future.

E. Conclusion – Your assessment of the director, recreation department and the facility where you meet Discuss how you feel your opinion of the recreation industry changed from the beginning of the semester to now and from this project.

F. Thank You Letter that you send to the director for working with you on this project.


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