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Case Study: Mini- Case – The Melamine Milk Crisis in China

INSTRUCTIONS: Review each question thoroughly and answer each question with a minimum of 200-word count. There’s two parts to the assignment, Part A and B, be aware that both parts are separate organization cases. Part A is “The Melamine Milk Crisis in China” and Part B is “Chipotle senior executive indicted for cocaine possession”. Use APA format to include in-text citations and a reference page, a cover page is not needed, and use scholarly articles only. Place answers underneath each question for an easier breakdown. The course material is attached and must be use as an additional reference. Here is the reference for it: Crandall, W, Parnell, J & Spillan, J. (2009). Crisis management in the new strategic landscape. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Part A

 Case Summary

1. In a narrative format, summarize the key facts and issues of the case “The Melamine Milk Crisis in China”

Case Update

2. Update the information in the case by researching it on the Internet. Focus your response on the specific issues in the case.

Case Analysis

3. What steps should Fonterra have taken to prevent the crisis? Why?

Case Analysis 2

4. What is the responsibility of a company, such as Fonterra or BP, in controlled the actions of suppliers and sub-contractors?

Case Application

5. Assume that you are the Chief Ethics Officer for Fonterra. How do you rebuild the trust and reputation of the company?

Part B: Chipotle

What can an organization do when the senior staff charged with developing an improved image of the organization as ethical and responsible are themselves involved in a crisis? For example, check out the case of Mark Crumpacker, a senior Chipotle executive, recently indicted for possession of cocaine. How can Chipotle recover from this?




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