Security Plugin for a Swiss B2C WordPress websites

. the Introduction – The Problem (there are so many different Security Plugins, but which Plugins do I need for the webshop? This webshop can be freely created – The fictive webshop needs to be based in Switzerland. for exp. clothes, art gallery, electronics devices or beauty products. 2. Theory – Characteristics of a WordPress plugin – Brief history of WordPress and statistics (Pls search in first row statistics for Swiss, Europea, and Worldwide) – Best practices in Switzerland and worldwide – Plugin market overview (Overview software evaluation methods) 3. Research – Business case: Swiss webshop (to be defined) – Select 3 suitable plugins which should have to this Webshop with detailed explanations – Implementation process 4. Findings – Plugin evaluation process ( (Cost)–Utility Analysis – Methodos) to find which of these plugins is most important and whibcqch one we should implement first. 5. Recomandation



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