TEDx Talk’s paper


Task: Use this table to outline your talk/op-ed. Add rows to the table as needed. Keep in mind that we will start drafting the talk/paper after Thanksgiving, so this should be as detailed as possible! If you weren’t in class, review the class sides prior to starting this assignment.

Imperfect Students Examples: 

Student #1



Student #2




Tentative title of talk/paper: 


Remind Yourself TEDx Talk’s purpose

  • What is your op-ed or?
  • Who is your audience? 
Anticipated Length (in minutes or words) Section and purpose

(Introduction, Body, etc.)

How you’ll address this purpose Why it’s important to your talk/op-ed
Your talk/paper will be 4-6 minutes or about 750 words. Use this column to note a time range (e.g., 1:00-3:00) or the approximate amount of words/sentences you’ll use in this section (e.g. 100 words or 2-3 sentences)  In this column, label the section (Introduction, Body, Conclusion) and the purpose. Each section will have multiple rows.  Try to put a point or idea per row. Aim for 5-10 rows. For example, your body likely need to have at least 3 distinct points In this column, describe how you’ll go about addressing the purpose identified in the previous column. If the point is to draw in your audience, describe how you’ll do that (with a specific anecdote, a specific quote or statistic from a source, etc.). In this column, explain why this point or idea is important for the presentation/paper. If you can’t think of a good reason to include something, then consider not using it.



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